Sprint Cars & Midgets
An EVO4 connected to a MyChron3 Dash is the perfect solution for Midgets and Sprint Cars alike
Get all of your traditional instrumentation, water temperature, oil pressure and RPM.
Along with the added features such as lap times and the ability to determine on track air fuel ratio, at every RPM, just like your engine builder does at the Dyno. Take the guesswork out of pill and bypass adjustments.
No more mechanical sending units that slow down an engine change. Electrical sending units can be unplugged in seconds with no need to take out your whole gauge cluster.
Inexpensive senders can be pre mounted in your spare motor.
The EVO4 is a simple way to get the information you need quickly between races and the information to diagnose a problem when things go wrong.
It comes complete: with 5 fully configurable analog channels.
The integrated GPS provides lap timing and track mapping without need for any track side beacon.
A 3-axis accelerometer gives you the ability to see "G" forces and visualize changes in the cars attitude during cornering.
The EVO4 gives the driver and crew chief key information for best engine tuning and critical insight as to suspension changes.
The EVO4 provides not only information coming from the sensors, but also any data coming from compatible Engine Control Units (ECU’s).
Modular: CAN output connects EVO4 to all AiM products.

Moreover EVO4 can be connected to
MemoryKey that can be easily removed. The data can then be downloaded to your PC and reviewed with privacy.
EVO4 is supplied with
Race Studio 2 software, the powerful tool for configuration and analysis that allows the user to customize the logger according to its needs and to display all data on a PC in quick and easy to read tables, graphs, histograms, etc.
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